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EXO Release Another ‘Love Me Right’ Clip For 12 Million Views!


The view of ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ M/V reached up to 12M! Check out the last unreleased clip from ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ M/V~ Guess what will be the unreleased content for 15M view mission?! Here are some hints “EXO” “eyecontact” “pitapat”. And the unreleased content for 20M view mission will be?! “The video that EXO-L longfor “LOVE ME RIGHT”.


EXO Release Another ‘Love Me Right’ Clip For 10 Million Views!


Views to EXo’s new Music Video ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ finally reached 10 Millions views, activating another unreleased clip from the Korean/Chinese bands MV.

Check out the third unreleased clip from ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ right here and don’t for get to download the album here if you haven yet and support their new MV by watching it again and again! ^.~v There is still more of unreleased contents waiting for us!


EXO Release ‘Love Me Right’ Unreleased Clip After Reaching 9 Million View!


The view of ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ YouTube M/V has reached 9M!! Who will be the ones feature in the second unreleased clip from ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ M/V?! It’s XIUMIN and CHEN! 10M view is just around the corner~


EXO’s ‘Love Me Right’ Repackaged Album Tops Music Charts!


EXO continues to empress by topping the Music charts yet again! The Korean/Chinese band took the #1 spot on the weekly music charts across Asia on weekly album sales, digital music sales, and Music Video sales charts.

If you have not yet download their latest single grab it here on iTunes and don’t forget to support their latest Music video ‘Love Me Right’ below.


WATCH: Official EXO ‘Love Me Right’ Music Video


The 2nd Album Repackage ‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ is released on June 3rd at midnight (KST)
Please give lots of love and supports to EXO!

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